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John Langstaffe has been a full time professional violin maker since graduating with distinction from the internationally renowned Newark School of Violin Making in 1989. His instruments are played in many orchestras, both professional and amateur, and have also been used extensively in chamber ensembles and as solo instruments.

The sound of Langstaffe instruments has frequently been compared to that of old Italian master instruments, possessing a well defined 'centre' to the sound surrounded by a 'glow'of overtones giving the instruments what some have described as a 'soul', not excessively loud under the ear, but with great carrying power and emotional intensity in the hands of a sensitive and gifted musician.

The brilliant Belgian gypsy jazz violinist, Tcha Limberger, admired by many well known contemporary classical soloists, said “these violins remind me very much of some of the old Italian violins I have played.” Many owners and experienced players of classic Italian instruments have made similar observations. The well known soloist and chamber musician, Peter Mountain, after judging a competition won by a musician playing a Langstaffe sixteen and a half inch viola said,“this is the best sounding modern viola I have ever heard”.